HP NonStop (H36xI/H37xI/H36xL) FAQs

H363I/H363L 3.4.x (USER-Access) Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the Support Table for the currently supported versions of H363I or H363L; typically the highest release number is the latest version.

No, a license key is not required to operate this product.

The system's host name is this product's unique identifier.

H367IPI 6.1 (NetEx/IP Requester) Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the HP Integrity Support Table for the supported releases of H367IPI. Typically the latest release is the highest numbered version.

Yes, a software license key is required to operate H367IPI. A software key is required for each license.

After you install H367IPI, at the TACL prompt, issue the command “VOLUME $<vol>.NETEX” where "<vol>" is the volume the product was installed in.

Then at the TACL prompt, issue the command “RUN GETSERNO”.

Email the displayed serial number to support@netex.com requesting your software key.

H370IPI 7.0.3 (NetEx/IP) & TNP370IPI 7.0.3 Frequently Asked Questions

Contact NESi Customer Support with your IP host name, the product designator (H370IPI in this case), and if your license includes using TNP370I.

The key should be installed in the "NESikeys" file. Refer to the user manual for location of this file. It is suggested you copy-paste the key string into this file to avoid typing errors.

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