HyperIP Policy

HyperIP products are warrented to function in accordance with NetEx's published specifications on the date of installation if installed within 30 days after delivery. After the warranty period, support, if available, is included in the Annual Subscription Fee at no additional charge. NetEx may terminate support by providing a 30-day advance written notice.

Software Warranty and Support
For HyperIP Software, warranty and post-warranty support is delivered remotely. In the course of troubleshooting a problem, you may be requested to return diagnostic information to NetEx. Contact support or follow the instructions in the User Guide to obtain and upload the diagnostic information to NetEx for analysis.

Software Support for Virtual Appliances

NetEx will provide support for HyperIP running in a virtual environment on any major x86 based systems without initially requiring reproduction of issues. Should NetEx suspect that the virtualization layer is the root cause of an incident; the customer will be required to contact the appropriate support provider to resolve the hypervisor issue.

While NetEx products are expected to function properly in a virtual environment, there may be performance implications which can invalidate NetEx's typical scaling and recommendations.

Evaluation and Free Product User Support Policy
We will make our best effort to support users evaluating our HyperIP software. However, for evaluations and free products support is provided via telephone/Internet during business hours only -- M-F 08:00 to 17:00 US Central Time (14:00 to 23:00 GMT, excluding NetEx Software corporate holidays). We do not currently provide exact response times for this service. Features such as Recovery on Demand and Synchronization on Demand are not available with free and/or evaluation versions of HyperIP software.

If required, analysts are available after business hours for Severity 1 (System down) situations at our Time and Materials rate of $157.50 per hour, billed by actual hours.

NetEx Supplied Hardware Appliance Warranty and Support
If NetEx determines the problem is in the hardware, a functionally equivalent replacement unit will be shipped to the customer, along with a temporary key (90-day validity). An RMA number will be issued to the customer, and the customer MUST return the failing unit at Customer's expense to NetEx's designated factory location. Please note that the minimum Field Replacement Unit (FRU) is the entire appliance. Replacement of individual hardware components, e.g. hard drive or memory chip, by the customer is not allowed and will void the manufacturer's warranty.

If a replacement request is received by 14:00 US Central Time on a NetEx business day, a replacement unit will be shipped out the same day. Replacement units will be shipped via air courier to a US address at NetEx's expense (international shipment costs are not included).
Securely package the failing unit in the original packing carton, include the RMA number on the exterior of the shipping carton, and ship to the following address:

Network Executive Software, Inc
6450 Wedgwood Road N Ste 103
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Attn: RMA Return

Once the defective unit is received by NetEx, the regular production key will be provided (valid for the remainder of the unexpired term of the original key).

Modifications to HyperIP
HyperIP is an appliance (virtual or physical) that contains proprietary software. Modifications to the software or hardware platform that are not specifically authorized by NetEx are prohibited.

Examples of prohibited activities include (but are not limited to) the following items:

  • Installing other software on HyperIP
  • Modifying the file system (including adding, deleting, or moving files and/or directories, or changing permission levels, ownership, or other attributes of files and/or directories)
  • Adding or deleting user accounts
  • Starting or stopping system services
  • Adding or removing hardware components

Any unauthorized modifications to HyperIP may affect its operation and/or obstruct NESi's ability to diagnose problems and provide corrections. Any work resulting from unauthorized modifications shall be paid by the customer at NESi's then-current support rates and may result in the immediate termination of warranty/support coverage.