HyperIP is ideal for moving large data sets across WANs securely, swiftly and seamlessly. Patent-pending technology accelerates data replication and file transfers by aggregating multiple applications over a shared connection, and mitigating network conditions that lead to poor application performance and throughput. HyperIP supports a full range of data management applications, including backup, replication and business continuance/disaster recovery (BC/DR).

Below are whitepapers describing HyperIP and the types of applications supported.

DeepStorage Lab Report: HyperIP Enables Live Migration Over WAN
The Death of the WAN Optimization Hardware Appliance: R.I.P.
DeepStorage Lab Report: HyperIP Enables VMotion Over WAN
HyperIP for VMware
WAN Optimization Technologies for EMC Symmetrix Replication
Impact of Packet Loss on BC/DR Deployments
HyperIP - How Does it Work?