IBM z System z/OS (H21x) Updates

H210IPZ Release 7.4 Updates

Download the update file to your PC from the download link below. Upload the patch distribution file to z/OS as follows:

  1. Connect via FTP to your z/OS system.
  2. Change the directory to your desired high level qualifier:
  3. cd ‘high-level-qualifier’
  4. If necessary, change the location of your local directory to the location of the patch distribution file:
  5. lcd 'directory-name'
  6. Set the required attributes for the file:
  7. quote site lrecl=80 blksize=3120 recfm=fb prim=200 sec=100 tracks
  8. Transfer the distribution file in BIN mode:
  9. bin
    put Ptchxxxx.xmit ptchxxxx.xmit
  10. Quit your FTP client
  11. Follow the specific instructions provided with the update.

Retrieve the update from FTP the downloaded patch to z/OS. (Refer to "How do I obtain/install an update" above for further details.)

To apply the patch:

  1. Issue the TSO PROFILE PROMPT command to be sure prompting is allowed.
  2. Issue the TSO RECEIVE command against the patch distribution file that was uploaded as follows:

    where ‘dsn’ specifies the name of the distribution file that was FTP’d to z/OS. For example:

    RECEIVE INDSNAME(‘high-level-qualifier.PTCH6840.XMIT’)
  4. The RECEIVE command will issue the following prompt:
  5. Enter restore parameters or ‘DELETE’ or ‘END’

    Reply with:


    where ‘dsn1’ specifies the name of the library to receive the patch distribution into. For example:

  6. Customize the NTXINST job in the'dsn1' library by specifying the following parameters, then submitting the job for execution:
    1. Change the DFILE parameter to specify the name of the library into which the patch was TSO RECEIVE'd in step 2 above ('dsn1').
    2. Change the HLQ parameter to specify the high-level qualifier name of the NetEx/IP base distribution libraries (e.g. what was specified in the Netex Rel 7.4 base install job).
    3. (Optional) Change the LOADLIB parameter to specify the name of the NetEx/IP load library to override the default ('hlq.NTXLOAD'). This parameter specifies the name of the library used when linking NetEx/IP with this patch.
  7. After this patch is installed, the output of the NetEx/IP 'Display Level' command (D L) will display "Release 7.4.1". NXMURD750E will then be output as NXMURD750W when the MSGLVL is 6 or less.

Update file name: Ptch6840.xmit

eFT213 Release 5.4.5 Updates

This update provides a patch job. Retrieve, modify job for your site and submit the job.

Update file name: Patch-5213.JCL

eFT213 Release 5.4.4 Updates

This update provides a patch job. Retrieve, modify job for your site and submit the job.

Update filename: Patch-5213.JCL

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