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Netex/IP and HyperIP Security Enhancements Update

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NetEx/IP® and HyperIP® Today

Network Executive Software, Inc. (NESi) brings high performance file transfer technology to the industry-standard IP environment with its NetEx/IP and HyperIP software products.

NetEx/IP is many times faster than TCP over long distances, which makes it the ideal solution for moving massive amounts of mission- or time-critical data across the country or across the globe. As proven by our long-term users, NetEx/IP has the highest throughput rates over long distances with no degradation of performance because of its efficient bandwidth utilization and mitigation of the effects of packet loss and latency. In fact, NetEx/IP and its predecessor product NetEx/HC (HyperChannel) have provided solutions for moving data for global corporations and US state and government agencies for more than 30 years.

For existing TCP applications, the premier solution is NESi’s low cost HyperIP. HyperIP transparently implements NetEx/IP in the data path to provide all the NetEx/IP improvements, plus compression of data, on a virtual machine without having to modify existing applications or operating procedures.

The Challenge: Securing the Data

With an increase in hacking and breaches of sensitive databases in recent years, many corporations (especially those in the financial, government, or health sectors) and US government agencies are looking at ways to better protect data transiting between sites and the databases themselves. Data security is also of utmost importance for those customers utilizing shared/public networks.

NetEx/IP Security Enhancements

NESi recognizes this concern for data protection and has enhance NetEx/IP with standards-based Transport Layer Security (TLS) to significantly increase the security of the data being moved across the computer room, the country, or globally.

TLS is a cryptographic protocol that secures data as it is transmitted, focusing on authentication, data integrity, and data confidentiality. With TLS, keys are generated uniquely for each connection and are based on a shared secret negotiated at the start of a session, providing security between two applications using NetEx/IP. Adding TLS to our NetEx/IP products provides improved security for our BFX & PFX utilities, which interface upward to customer applications.

NetEx/IP products available with TLS are H214 (IBM z/OS), H304 (Unisys), H624 (IBM AIX), H804 (Linux). Hxx5 (BFX) products are modified to take advantage of the TLS transfers.

HyperIP software release 6.1.2 provides an improved certificate signature and removes older, less secure ciphers used for HTTPS user connectivity.

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