Product Information


HyperIP accelerates and optimizes data replication over standard IP WANs:

  • Data Replication Optimization (DRO) over IP WANs for information protection (Disk Mirroring, Data Replication, Snapshot Copies, Backup/Restore)
  • Bulk File Transfer Between Centralized and Distributed Servers
  • Remote Financial, Medical, and Digital Video Imaging Content Distributions
  • High Performance Data Migrations between Data Centers

NetEx/IP supports the following applications over standard IP networks:

  • Heterogeneous Server to Server File Transfer
  • Bulk File Transfer Between Centralized and Distributed Servers
  • Distributed Data Storage, Backup/Restore, and Business Continuity Applications
  • Print File Transfer Between Mainframes and Distributed Print Servers

eFT/USER-Access supports the following:

  • Adhoc File Transfer Between Heterogeneous Servers
  • Remote Command Execution Between Heterogeneous Servers
  • Automated File Transfer for Batch Processing

Recent News about HyperIP

Netex/IP and HyperIP Security Enhancements Update

NetEx/IP® and HyperIP® Today Network Executive Software, Inc. (NESi) brings high performance file transfer technology to the industry-standard IP environment with its NetEx/IP and HyperIP software products. NetEx/IP is many times faster than TCP over long distances, which makes it the ideal solution for moving massive amounts of mission- or time-critical data a…[MORE+]