HP Integrity/NonStop (H36xI) Updates

H363I 3.4.1 (USER-Access) Updates

From a workstation that has Internet access, do the following:

  1. Left click the link identified in the Update description, then specify 'Save' and select a location in which to save the downloaded update file for subsequent downloading to the HP Integrity system.
  2. Follow specific directions for the update

Retrieve the update from https://ftp.netex.com/product_dl/public/EFT/H363I/3.4.1/Patch-5258.txt.

  1. Transfer the patch file to the HP Integrity system in the H363I installation subvolume.
  2. Rename to SISTART.
  3. Restart the Service Initiator (via "stop $si" and then "run SISTART $si").
  4. Update file name: Patch-5258.txt

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