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This weeks blog is about a blog post by Justin Paul, a systems engineer from SMS proTech who focuses on virtualization, storage, and backup applications.

Justin was recently working with a customer who was trying to replicate large amounts of data with limited replication windows and a limited amount of bandwidth.  The customer was using Veeam’s Backup & Replication software.

The big question they were confronted with was whether to add more bandwidth to meet the increasing data demands of replication or as an alternative leverage a WAN Optimization solution with the Veeam application in order to better utilize the existing WAN infrastructure.

Fortunately for the customer, they decided to try HyperIP WAN Optimization Virtual Appliance software with Veeam’s Backup & Replication software. The results speak for themselves.

Here’s a link to Justin’s IT Blog post, we thought it was well written and very informative.

Justin blogs are personal in nature and do not reflect the views of SMS proTech.   Can’t be all that bad for a guy who collects vintage Mustang cars, makes his own beer and is not a stranger to putting in long hours and hard work. Here’s more about Justin’s Bio.

We appreciate the blog….


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Riverbed Asked the Question, HyperIP Responded…

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In a recent blog Riverbed challenged other WAN optimization vendors to answer the question “Do competitors’ products work as well as Riverbed?” Well, since they asked, the answer is yes. In fact, HyperIP WAN Optimization virtual appliance works better than Riverbed.

First off, Riverbed poses the question of WAN optimization support for all important applications. We find it somewhat humorous that Riverbed would ask such a question about competitors’ application support when HyperIP has long set the standard in the industry for the broadest support in accelerating critical replication and backup applications of any WAN optimizer and does this with a virtual appliance (software). HyperIP accelerates replication applications from CA, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, Quantum, Veeam and many more. A full list of supported applications can be found at http://www.netex.com/hyperip/supported-applications. In addition, NetEx is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner and HyperIP is ideal for supercharging vMotion and Storage vMotion migration over the WAN. HyperIP also supports Hyper-V live migrations over the WAN.

Riverbed also asked if other vendor’s products are useful for all their requirements. This is probably the wrong question to ask, as many customers don’t have a critical need to accelerate the movement of Microsoft Office documents between a central data center and branch offices. Or speed up their VOIP apps. Most companies don’t want to pay for products that they will not use. A better question is to ask how a product performs for business critical replication and disaster recovery requirements to meet specific Recovery Time Objectives.

Assuming that its products are the only WAN optimizers that people actually like, Riverbed then wants to know if other customers are happy with the vendor’s products. Well, I can’t speak for other companies but I know NetEx customers are very happy with HyperIP. In fact, more and more of our customers are choosing HyperIP over Riverbed. Take a look at our TechValidate research page for HyperIP customer testimonials. You’ll seem that many customers tried Riverbed and selected HyperIP instead.

Finally, Riverbed makes the claim that less-expensive products aren’t up to the task and wonders why competitive products are cheaper in the first place? With HyperIP by NetEx the answer is simple. HyperIP is deployed as a software-only virtual appliance running on VMware. There is no need for customers to waste precious IT budget dollars on expensive, proprietary Riverbed hardware that can’t be upgraded or installed in minutes anywhere in the world. Riverbed needs to understand that the purchase price isn’t the only component of product cost equation. HyperIP allows users to migrate to higher network speeds with a simple software key upgrade, no forklift hardware upgrade, no waiting weeks or months to get the hardware appliance ordered, delivered, installed and configured. To answer Riverbed’s question, HyperIP is a cost-effective WAN Optimization solution that was designed to deliver the performance of a hardware WAN optimizer but with the customer cost savings of server virtualization and the deployment speed, simplicity and flexibility of a virtual server appliance.

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We’ll never say we told you so…but

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Sometimes it takes a while to realize you got something right the first time.

When we announced a software-only version of HyperIP back in 2007, technologies like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), virtualization and cloud were emerging trends, to put it generously. The idea of supplying IT resources as on-demand services was rather bleeding edge. Then the virtualization market broke through in a big way, the economy tanked, and organizations no longer had the financial wherewithal to invest in big hardware.

That was the year that software-only, virtualized, on-demand HyperIP earned one of SearchStorage.com’s Product of the Year awards in the “networking equipment” category – somewhat ironically, since the product (software) consists of no “equipment” at all.

Since cloud adoption has increased, and an increasing variety of IT services are now deployed from a variety of clouds, WAN optimizers have become more interesting because they greatly accelerate data transport to and from the cloud. HyperIP is indispensable for certain applications, such as backup/replication and disaster recovery. No enterprise using cloud storage can afford extended downtime to restore remote files after a local failure.

More and more enterprises are trying to lower their IT costs by migrating their infrastructure to computing and storage clouds for on-demand services. Now more than ever, organizations need viable and economical methods to migrate, deploy and recover the vast amounts of data that are being virtualized and stored in cloud sites around the globe. To prove this, we’ve made our HyperIP virtual appliance software available via the HyperIP Recovery on Demand program. As a customer we give you access to wide-open HyperIP performance keys so you can perform significantly enhanced data recovery operations from the cloud in the event of any kind of disaster. The free software key allows unlimited bandwidth for 10 days, or until you have recovered completely.

This kind of program is only possible due to the confluence of trends – IaaS, virtualization, and cloud computing – that make it feasible to deploy WAN optimization on-demand whenever and wherever it’s needed. Certainly other vendors have joined this bandwagon since we came up with this concept in 2008, but we admit, it’s still nice when the market proves you right.

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