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HyperIP’s ‘Thin’ Virtual Appliance Footprint Comparison

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Building a virtual appliance to leverage the advantages of consolidation of server resources has obviously exploded. The idea of implementing WAN optimization in a virtual appliance has become more of a necessity than a luxury. VMware has created Best Practices for virtual appliance deployment including information for required processors, memory, disk space for the expanded image, NIC’s, etc. Is it cost effective to implement a virtual appliance versus a standalone WAN Optimization controller? Not always, so it pays to do some homework. HyperIP’s virtual footprint looks like this versus others.

The WAN Optimization footprints for Riverbed, Silver Peak and Blue Coat are so large they  almost negate the ability for the customer to deploy them in a remote or branch office just because of the sheer size. HyperIP has the smallest virtual machine footprint of any WAN Optimization virtual appliance which equates to a cost effective solution. The same ‘thin’ foot print scales from 1.5 Mb/s to 800 Mb/s which provides scalability and investment protection. Check it out for yourself. Download the OVF through VMware’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace or at www.netex.com.

Specifications for Virtualized WAN Optimizers:

Virtual Steelhead: http://www.riverbed.com/us/assets/media/documents/data_sheets/SpecSheet-Riverbed_VirtualSteelhead.pdf

Silver-Peak VX: http://www.silver-peak.com/assets/download/pdfpub/ds_SilverPeak_VX.pdf

Blue Coat Proxy-SG VA: http://bluecoat.com/products/sg/virtualappliance look under specifications.

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