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HyperIP Supports a Large Number of Backup & Replication Applications

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There are many WAN optimizers in the market today. So many that it becomes confusing to decide which ones to use for specific applications. HyperIP WAN Optimization virtual appliance is focused on moving BIG DATA over wide are connections and does so by minimizing the negative effects of TCP over distance. Specifically HyperIP does a very good job at mitigating the effect of latency and packet loss which can seriously degrade application throughput. HyperIP is the only WAN Optimization product on the market today that focuses on these types of storage applications. To see a complete list of the applications supported by HyperIP please visit our website: http://www.netex.com/hyperip/supported-applications.

We offer free 30 day trials to test HyperIP with your applications. Click the following link to start the download process, http://www.netex.com/hyperip/evaluation-request.

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